Property Lockout Engine

  • VOW 1.0 Compliant
  • Turn Shoppers into Leads
  • Eliminate Lookie-Loos
  • Grow Business

The Property Lockout Engine will transform your real estate web service into a fully featured VOW, Virtual Office Website. The NAR has been pushing for VOWs for years and MLSs have been slow to adopt VOW technology. You no longer have to wait for your MLS but rather can quickly have a VOW up and running when you incorporate the Property Lockout Feature into your service package.

Building off the Membership System service, the Property Lockout Engine ensures that before visitors can view properties, they must first be logged into your fully featured website. This marketing mechanism will boost your leads and your bottom line!

If you want to advance your website even further, convert it into a VOW 2.0 system with the Property Calibrator. You'll let buyers look around the myriad of MLS listings but once they look at too many, they will be locked out and will have to register to proceed.

Prerequisites: Membership System

Upgrades: Property Lockout Calibrator

Cost Setup: $product_price(id=12) / Recurring: $product_monthly(id=12)

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