Membership Viewer

membership viewer
  • Boost Client Loyalty
  • Increase Your Productivity
  • Access Leads From Anywhere
  • Stay On Top of Your Leads
  • Organize Leads into Custom Groups

The Membership Viewer lets you efficiently stay in control of your leads so you can maximize your time. It is the backend counterpart to the front-end Membership Module, which it requires to run. Prospects that become members of your website are easily accessible through your Membership Viewer from any computer in the world. You can effortlessly access names, passwords, phone numbers, email addresses and more

Lead Distribution System - Utilizing the Membership Viewer, you will also be empowered to distribute leads to other user accounts. If you have a team or are a broker, this is the tool for you. By distributing leads, you can ensure that no single agent gets overwhelmed but rather each lead is handled with the time and energy it deserves. Plain and simple, this increases your bottom line.

Lead Journaling System - Also included with the Membership Viewer is our Lead Journaling System. Essentially, anyone who has been given access to a particular lead (via the Lead Distribution System) can leave a maximum of 2,500 journal entries regarding the lead. This helps you stay vigilant over your buyers agents, ensuring they are following up. If you need to pull an agent off of a lead, you can re-designate the lead and the new buyers agent can read all the journal entries from the old buyers agent.This maximizes the level of service you extend to your clients.

membership viewer with lead profiler

Prerequisites: Back Office Account, Membership Module

Upgrades: Lead Profiler

Cost Setup: $product_price(id=33) / Recurring: $product_monthly(id=33)

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