Membership Module

membership module
  • Maximize Repeat Business
  • High Quality Lead Generator
  • Stay in Control of Propspects
  • Customizable HTML Autoresponder
  • Customizable Plan-Text Autoresponder

The most powerful feature you can have on your website! This is the technology that makes your website stand out from the crowd. It increases leads, repeat visits, and escrows. If you are going to buy a single add-on, this is the one.

The membership module is a full featured service we provide that seamlessly plugs into your web service. It allows for visitors to sign up and become members of your website. The sign up process is quick through a simple IDX Smart Form.

We automatically generate the initial password for your members. When the buyer completes the form, your web service will immediately send an HTML autoresponder to the homebuyer giving them their password. Simultaneously, a lead will be sent directly to you containing the members information. This lead can go to multiple email addresses, cell phones, SMS, and various 3rd party software. You will immediately get their contact information!

The membership module will allow members to save 200 searches with the Search Saver service, get automatic email alerts when new properties hit the market via the Search Saver Email Alert service, save up to 500 favorite properties with the Listing Saver service, and get automatic email updates on saved favorite properties with the Listing Saver Email Alert service.

If you have the backend Membership Viewer service, you can easily locate, group, and sort all your members from any computer in the world. You can view detailed contact information about them including their name, address, phone numbers, email address, city, and state. You can even distribute leads to buyers agents or team members of yours using the system as a Lead Management Tool.

If you have the backend Lead Profiler service, you have the ultimate insight and can see a detailed description of every time the member came to your website, what property searches they conducted, what MLS #s they looked at, and any properties and searches they have saved, if applicable.

Prerequisites: Integrated IDX

Upgrades: Listing Saver, Search Saver, Membership Viewer

Cost Setup: $product_price(id=7) / Recurring: $product_monthly(id=7)

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