IDX Smart Form

IDX Smart Forms are the ultimate mechanism to convert visitors into leads and are only possible with Integrated IDX services – they cannot be utilized in a Framed IDX service. An IDX Smart Form perform three useful and unique operations:

  1. Interfaces with IDX, VOW, and MLS technology. This creates all new possibilities that only we can provide. You receive your leads not only with the information they provide but with MLS #s and ancillary property data.
  2. Remembers repeat visitors and repeat transactions. Once a prospect enters their information into one of your IDX Smart Forms, all other IDX Smart Forms will be pre-filled with your prospects information. This eliminates the double-entry that prospects find frustrating on conventional “dumb” websites.
  3. Interacts with the Membership System service to automatically fill out forms with the member’s data. Members of your website find it easy, fast, and convenient to fill out forms and interact with your website.

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