Edit Search Feature

edit search
  • User Friendly
  • Convenient
  • Increases Stickiness
  • Customizable

The Edit Search Feature lets homebuyers change the criteria of an existing search without having to go back and redo the entire search. This increases the user-friendly nature of your website, keeps your customers happy, and helps make your website stickier than your competition. The homebuyer is presented with a myriad of features to search by, empowering them with almost all the features of the actual MLS itself!

Want to limit homebuyers to only certain features or values? Maybe you only want to service a handful of cities? Contact your sales representative or email us at sales@planetidx.com to find out how you can buy some custom time from our professional developers and have only certain attributes in your Edit Search Feature.

Prerequisites: Integrated IDX

Upgrades: None

Cost Setup: $product_price(id=5) / Recurring: $product_monthly(id=5)

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