Drill Down Property Searcher

  • Increases Site Stickiness
  • Easier to use than MLS!
  • Let Your Buyers Do The Work

The Drill Down Property Searcher makes complex property searches a breeze. In fact, many of our REALTOR® clients tell us that they will often use the Drill Down Property Searcher instead of the actual MLS!

Homebuyers are faced with dozens of features and when it comes to search criteria. Often times, the MLS uses abbreviations or codes to make searches quicker for the REALTOR. The problem is that homebuyers don’t know what these codes are and furthermore they don’t know how various features are grouped into feature categories. The Drill Down Property Searcher solves that problem. When a homebuyer is looking at the details of a specific property, numerous details will be marked with a magnifying glass. These details can simply be clicked on, and the homebuyer will have his/her search narrowed down to include only those previous properties that share the feature which was clicked on

Example: A buyer visits your website an does a search for homes $250,000 - $450,000. While looking through properties, the buyer notices a field that reads Views and it contains the text Golf Course View, Mountain View. By clicking on Golf Course View, the buyer will now be presented a list of all homes $250k-$450k with a golf course view – the buyer has drilled down his search to include golf course view. The buyer can keep drilling down, adding on schools, landscaping features, and numerous other features.

Prerequisites: Integrated IDX

Upgrades: None

Cost Setup: $product_price(id=6) / Recurring: $product_monthly(id=6)

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