Analytics Engine

analytics engine
  • Track Visits, Hit, Bots
  • Track PPC Campaigns
  • Identify Click Fraud
  • Identify Bots vs Humans
  • Calculate Conversion Rate
  • Locate Top Keywords

Numbers. It is what we care about. We want to make sure that you know what people are doing at your website and when. Often times people will brag about ridiculous numbers of visitors coming to their website and they do this out of ignorance. They do not know that most of those visitors are automatic programs called bots that are sent by search engines, spammers, all a myriad of other technical companies.

We identify most of these bots so they don't poullute your figures. We get you accurate, reliable numbers in real-time. Using the Analytics Engine you can determine search engine crawling habits on your website, identify the effectiveness of your pay per click versus organic search engine placement, or even identify click fraud!

Prerequisites: Back Office Account

Upgrades: None

Cost Setup: $product_price(id=34) / Recurring: $product_monthly(id=34)

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